What we offer

We provide support with the setup and application of proteomics, transcriptomics, and (epi)genomics-based techniques for research projects.


- Advice on the most appropriate:
    service providers
- Protocol design for single-cell based techniques:
    Cell isolation and preparation
    flow / mass cytometry, CITE-seq panel design
- Data analysis (flow / mass cytometry)
- In depth literature reviews for e.g. new projects
- Development of new research lines
- Project planning and management
- Scientific writing:
    Funding applications

    Proof reading (English and Dutch)

About us

You can contact us at info[@]whitefoxsc.com

Dr Astrid Voskamp

I have been involved in human immunological research for over 12 years, with a particular interest in allergy and asthma. I have extensive experience in cellular techniques including cell isolation from various tissues, cell culture, stimulation assays, T cell cloning, flow and mass cytometry, and single cell RNA sequencing. In my role as both a PhD student and Post doctoral researcher, I was responsible for the set-up, execution and analysis of immunological assays within clinical trials and projects. More recently, I have focussed on the use of diverse new techniques for cellular phenotyping, including mass cytometry (publication) and single cell RNA sequencing. For the latter, I received a ZonMW grant to perform single cell RNA sequencing on human airway derived cells with the 10x Genomics Chromium platform. As a consultant, I enjoy applying my research experience to advise in the set-up and analysis of immunological assays for new and exciting projects.

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Dr Stefan White

I have >20 years experience in biomedical and agricultural research, with a background in genetics, genomics, and molecular biology. My PhD research involved developing and implementing new methods for identifying genetic variation. Since then I have led academic research groups in Australia and the Netherlands, always with the focus of exploring and applying new techniques for genomics-based research. As leader of DNA innovations at the AgBiotech company KeyGene I was responsible for developing innovative techniques for genetic research, with a significant interest in the use of long read sequencing platforms such as PacBio and Oxford Nanopore.
Throughput my career I have most enjoyed collaborating with many different research groups, working together to identify and implement the most appropriate technology for their biological questions.

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